Fred-Ron Carpentry

Fred-Ron Carpentry Inc was established in 2003.  The founders of this successful company are Fred Phillips of Petrolia and Ron Vanos of Forest.  The company has 30 plus years experience in the trade of carpentry.  Fred-Ron Carpentry’s team will ensure quality craftsmanship and treat every project as if it were their own.  Our # 1 priority is customer satisfaction!!!!!

Thinking of finally getting started on that dream home you've always wanted? Fred-Ron Carpentry is the only call you need to make. We will guide you through the planning of your home, and build it to suit your every wish. Backed by a Tarion New Home Warranty Fred-Ron Carpentry is the smart choice. Fred-Ron Carpentry serves Petrolia, Forest, Watford, Sarnia Ontario and surrounding areas.

Experiencing growing pains? Is your home starting to show it's age? Fred-Ron Carpentry can help! From minor renovations to brand new additions, Fred-Ron Carpentry can make your home look great again or add on those extra rooms to accomodate your growing needs.

Need replacement windows? Fred-Ron Carpentry can provide new replacement windows to make your home look great, and save you money by making your home more energy efficient. Call for a free in-home quote today! Windows: Whether you are replacing old windows or buying for a new installation, Fred-Ron Carpentry can deliver excellent quality windows installed at great prices.

If your home is looking worn down and doesn't have the kind of "curb-appeal" it once did, Fred-Ron Carpentry can help. Siding & Soffit: Improve the appearance and the energy efficiency of your home with new a new siding and/or soffit installation. Fred-Ron Carpentry will walk you through the process of selecting the colours and style best suited for your home.

Decks and Garden Structures: Fred-Ron Carpentry also plans and builds beautiful decks, porches, arbors, trellises or sunrooms to add to the enjoyment and the value of your home.

Call today, and see how quick and easy FRC can have your home looking great once again!

FRC works with the Petrolia and Lambton Shores Minor Hockey Association providing team sponsorship.
FRC donates to Central Lambton Family Health Team for Mental Health Awareness.
FRC are proud supporters of local organizations in our communities.